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If you've ever been tasked with taking meeting minutes, you know how challenging it can be to keep up with the discussion and accurately capture all of the important points.

Missed words, misunderstood phrases, and incorrectly attributed ideas are all too common in the official record when trying to take verbatim notes. Manual note-taking is a tedious task and all too obvious when you're tasked by the meeting owner with handling the meeting minutes.

What are the problems with manually taking meeting minutes?

A common problem with manually taking notes
Fig. 1. A common problem with manually taking notes

There are a few problems that can arise from taking meeting minutes by hand.

1. Incomplete Notes

Incomplete notes are one of the most common problems with taking minutes by hand. It's easy to get caught up in trying to keep up with the discussion and forget to write down an important detail or two.

This can be especially true if the discussion is going quickly or if there are multiple meeting attendees. As a result, the minutes might not accurately reflect everything that was discussed, which can make them less useful for those who weren't able to attend the meeting.

2. Illegible Writing

Another common problem with handwritten minutes is that they can be difficult to read. This is especially true if the person taking the minutes has messy handwriting or if they're trying to write quickly to keep up with the discussion.

This can make it difficult for others to understand the meeting report, which defeats the purpose of taking minutes in the first place.

3. Loss of Minutes

If the person taking minutes loses their notebook or papers, then the minutes are lost as well. This can be a major problem, particularly if the meeting was an important one.

While it's possible to try and recreate the lost minutes from memory, it's often difficult to remember everything that was discussed, especially if it was a lengthy meeting or there were points discussed from the previous meeting minutes. A written record also requires careful storage so it doesn't get misplaced or accidentally thrown away.

4. Missed Deadlines

If someone is manually preparing minutes, they may have trouble getting them finished and distributed in a timely manner. This can be a problem if there are deadlines that need to be met, such as for reporting purposes or for sharing with those who couldn't attend the meeting. Manually taking and transcribing minutes can be time-consuming, which makes it more likely that deadlines will be missed.

5. Inaccurate Transcription

If someone is transcribing their handwritten notes into a digital format, there's always the potential for errors. It's easy to miss something when transcribing, particularly if the original notes are illegible or incomplete.

This can lead to inaccuracies in the transcript, which could cause problems down the road. For example, someone might make a decision based on incorrect information that was included in the transcript of the meeting minutes.

6. Poor Engagement From Note-Takers

It's also not uncommon for manual note-takers to become so focused on recording everything that they tune out of the discussion completely and fail to engage with the conversation. This decreases their ability to process and retain information and ultimately leads to poor-quality meeting minutes.

7. Inability to Capture All Feedback

If there are multiple people providing input during a meeting, it can be difficult (if not impossible) for a manual note-taker to accurately capture all of the feedback verbatim. This is often one of the most important aspects of minute taking - capturing what was actually said so that it can be reviewed and discussed later.

Introducing, the AI-powered Meeting Minutes Assistant

An AI-powered online meeting assistant makes life easier
Fig. 2. An AI-powered online meeting assistant makes life easier

Taking minutes and keeping up with the meeting agenda is one of the most important—and challenging—parts of any meeting. But what if there were a way to make it easier? Introducing, the AI-powered meeting minutes assistant that will change the way you work. uses cutting-edge speech recognition technology to listen in on meetings and take accurate notes for you. With over 95% accuracy, you can be confident that nothing will be missed even with multiple meeting participants talking over each other.

In addition to taking meeting minutes, can also help with scheduling the next meeting date, and sending out reminders to the team and board members - everything you need to make your meeting a success and save time in the process.

Plus, if you ever need to refer back to something that was said in a previous board meeting, no problem! AI stores all of your meeting transcriptions securely in the cloud, so you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Be they committee meetings, formal meetings, and informal meetings, offers you a meeting minutes template for every type of meeting. You can choose from various templates to suit your style of writing meeting minutes and be a part of the discussion, ensuring efficient meeting reporting.

How can help you take meeting minutes quickly and easily AI is more than just automated note-taking of meeting minutes. You can share meeting summaries while the app is active and live, search through past meeting minutes for crucial insights, impress your meeting leader with accurate and on-time reporting, and make the most of secure tool integration before, during, and after the meeting.

Here are some more details of Eric's features.

1. Automatic Transcription

As mentioned before, one of the best features of is its ability to automatically transcribe audio in real time. This is thanks to the cutting-edge speech-to-text technology that powers Whether you're in a meeting, lecture, or phone call, will transcribe everything that's being said so you can focus on writing down key points.

2. Effective Performance

Setting up is a breeze with guided prompts at every step to ensure user-friendliness. While you get to record and facilitate your meetings accordingly, you're also building a useful knowledge base of meeting notes and cutting down on pricey meeting costs with efficiency.

3. Live Collaboration

Meetings are usually one-sided, with the meeting owner addressing the meeting attendees and ticking off those crucial pointers, eager to get the meeting over with. In such an environment, helps you collaborate with your team members through task assigning and review features while the meeting is live, so you can focus on what is being said and later review the tasks assigned.

4. Integrating with Microsoft Teams AI ensures comprehensive and intelligent meeting recordings and minute-taking to help you unlock the true potential and value of your online meetings. After recording, you can organize and share the same with others. Simply install the app for Microsoft Teams and send an invitation to join. then goes live in your meeting, recording, and taking accurate notes, word to word.

The benefits of using for Meeting Minutes makes taking minutes easier
Fig. 3. makes taking minutes easier

1. Flexibility

One size does not fit all when it comes to meetings, and that's especially true when it comes to meeting minutes. is flexible enough to accommodate any meeting format, from small team check-ins to large board meetings. No matter what type of meeting you're running, can handle it.

2. Accuracy

When it comes to meeting minutes, accuracy is paramount. utilizes cutting-edge speech recognition technology to ensure that your minutes are accurate and complete - no more worrying about whether or not you captured everything correctly.

In addition, can be configured to automatically send out draft minutes after the meeting for review by attendees - further ensuring accuracy and completeness.

3. Efficiency

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using for meeting minutes is increased efficiency. With handling transcription and minutes, your staff will be free to focus on other tasks - such as preparing for the next meeting or following up on action items from the previous one.

In today's fast-paced business world, every little bit of efficiency counts - and can help you gain that edge.

How to get started with

You've heard about and you're intrigued. The artificial intelligence software promises to make writing meeting minutes a breeze. But where do you start? Do you need to be a tech expert to use Nope!

All you have to do is go to the official website and sign in with your account. Once you've signed in, you can explore the app!

The best thing about is its easy-to-use functionality and easy-to-understand interface with automatic prompts and reminders from the AI itself to make navigation and user experience easier.

Sign up for the free trial today and explore your new AI meeting assistant and make every meeting count.

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