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How much do your meetings really cost?

Meetings are unnecessarily expensive

Unproductive meetings are extremely expensive. In fact, a survey* found that ineffective meetings cost up to $399 billion in the USA and £42 billion in the UK alone. Globally, the financial cost of meeting is over a trillion dollars and that's not including opportunity cost and environmental impacts.
*Source: Doodle State of Meetings Report

$399 billion

ineffective meetings cost in the USA

£42 billion

ineffective meetings cost in the UK

24 mins per participant

average admin time spent before meetings

21 mins per participant

average admin time spent after meetings

Meetings are unnecessarily time consuming

Research has shown the cost of a meeting is not just the physical time people spend in it. Research has shown that attendees and organizers spend an additional 20-40 minutes per meeting on preparation and administration time.*
*Source: Pre and post-implementation actual customer questionnaires

Meetings have hidden costs

It's not just the time your team spends in meetings that's the problem. Every second spent doing meetings could be spent on something more impactful such as generating sales.
The best performing teams are efficient with meetings. This gives them the "head space" to make the best decisions, get quality work done, and finish work happy.

Opportunity cost

Time spent in meetings is time that is not spend doing something else productive

Team wellbeing

Poorly executed meetings are a big employee pain point

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Your admin time for meetings

This is an approximate measure of admin time spent for your meetings based on just 15 mins of admin time per participant per meeting. This includes agendas, minute-taking and more

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The cost above does not include your other cost savings. You will also benefit from better meeting decisions and a happier team

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How can help reduce your meeting costs?

Cut out tedious meeting admin

Get up to 50% of your time back that you spend on admin tasks around meetings
  • Quicker agenda creation and assignment
  • Automatic action item creation
  • Export meeting actions into your favorite tools automatically
  • Heavy lifting of meeting minutes done for you Interface Interface

Effective meetings that get results

Supercharged meetings that help you and your team reach optimal perform
  • Make it easier to meet with a agenda
  • Time-boxed agendas to keep your meeting on track
  • Clear actionable meeting outcomes
  • Track participation to make sure every important voice is heard

Make your team powerful gives your team superpowers for their meetings to make them productive
  • Assign agenda items to specific team members
  • Action items that never fall through the cracks
  • Catch up on meetings quicker with auto-shortened playback
  • Create your meeting knowledge base and source of truth Interface Interface

Say goodbye to meeting fatigue

Eliminate meeting paint points so you can focus on what matters the most
  • Break the meeting -> admin -> meeting -> admin -> meeting loop
  • Reduce unnecessary meeting time
  • Search the meeting knowledge base instead of scheduling another meeting

Better meetings await you

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