Rapid note-taking for online meetings

Eric automatically gives you a record and an actionable summary of your meeting. It pulls out key points from online events and meetings for you and your team.

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Saving time on every meeting you have.
Eric is your virtual note-taker for every meeting.

Eric creates automatic summaries with key points from your meeting

As Eric knows your agenda and key points of focus, this helps it to create useful meeting summaries with key points. Eric understands the context of the conversation to help make accurate, key points for you to share.

Choose from meeting templates to create agendas

To speed up planning of meetings, particularly recurring meetings, Eric has a library of meeting templates you can use and edit or add to. You can add times along with participant names to each agenda point so Eric can help you run your meetings

Have records of online meetings with easy playback and transcripts

Once the meeting has finished, Eric will automatically create a summary for you, which has suggested key points. You are able to edit it as well as easily play-back the audio of the meeting and refer to the transcript personally or send to another participant.

Eric integrates into your existing tools