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Plan, transcribe, facilitate, summarize, search, and share your meetings with ease

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Our customers benefit from

Before a meeting


Agenda templates library
Agenda point time boxing
Create your own agenda
During a meeting

Note taking, transcription & facilitation

Record and transcribe live
meeting content
Real-time detection of actions and decisions
Integrations with MS Teams, JIRA and more coming soon
In-meeting time boxing & time-keeping
Real-time next meeting scheduling
Real-time participation
After a meeting

Share and search meeting content

Instant meeting minutes
Meeting archive search
Automatic and manual export of meeting outcomes into your favorite tools
Automatic topic and keyword detection
Participation reports

Unlimited use*

Unlimited meetings
Unlimited storage
*Subject to fair use policy


Live chat support
Service desk

Add Ons

Enhanced support
Individualised onboarding and training