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Every second matters

Our mission it to automate meetings as much as is humanly possible
Our story

Our love-hate relationship with meetings

When meetings are done properly,  they are powerful ceremonies that transform organizations. When meetings fail, they zap valuable time and energy away from us.

After our founding team experienced a series of terrible meetings that lacked a clear purpose, lacked actionable outcomes and caused pain and suffering, we decided to embark on a mission to make meetings better for everyone.

Eric.ai is our way of delivering on this mission. We won't stop until we deliver the perfect meeting experience where we cut out every unnecessary second possible.

About Combine AI

Combine AI is a remote-first company headquartered in the UK. Our vision is a world where humans work together in harmony with artificial intelligence (AI) powered assistants. We believe that AI powered assistants can make our lives better by removing the mundane, tedious and repetitive chores that we experience on a daily basis. We also believe that some tasks are simply better suited to intelligent software whereas some tasks are simply better suited to creative, emotional and fascinating human beings.

Our long term goal is to empower teams with a workforce of AI assistants that includes Eric and Emma (and many more). If you have a new idea for a product that has synergy with our vision please contact us.
Other products


Emma was created to automate travel scheduling for busy professionals that travel for work. Emma.ai is used by customers all around the world to add intelligent travel time to their schedules.

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