Our mission

We will transform every conversation into an achievement

We will constantly look for ways to improve meeting performance and will automate anything that’s possible. We will ensure that every second is meaningful and delivers results.
Core values

What we value

ustomer delight

We aim to delight our customers at every touch point by not only satisfying their requirements but by exceeding their expectations. Customer needs are at the centre of everything we do.


We take accountability for our work, regardless of the outcome, and demonstrate a genuine interest in contributing to company success. We are proactive. We turn every outcome into a learning opportunity. We empower and entrust.

ore with less

We work smartly so we can do more with less. We maximise every opportunity. We try to always allocate our resources on things that matter to our customers.


We strive for success in every endeavor we undertake. We always find creative perspectives that bring better results. We welcome and encourage feedback. If something can be done better, we say so.


We believe in continuous improvement, exploration of ideas and staying at the forefront of technological advancements. We encourage questioning and learning, and expanding our knowledge, as we recognise that this will ultimately lead to the best outcomes.


We nurture positive relationships at all levels. We respect different viewpoints, even when we don’t agree with them. We treat everyone with empathy, fairness and respect. We grow together as a team and support each other.


We do our best to make sure every moment matters. We streamline processes, respect time and maximise our productivity in all areas. We communicate candidly, directly and openly. We know there is always a way to get something done quicker.

About Combine AI

Combine AI is a remote-first company headquartered in the UK. Our vision is a world where humans work together in harmony with artificial intelligence (AI) powered assistants. We believe that AI powered assistants can make our lives better by removing the mundane, tedious and repetitive chores that we experience on a daily basis. We also believe that some tasks are simply better suited to intelligent software whereas some tasks are simply better suited to creative, emotional and fascinating human beings.

Our long term goal is to empower teams with a workforce of AI assistants that includes Eric and Emma (and many more). If you have a new idea for a product that has synergy with our vision please contact us.
Other products


Emma was created to automate travel scheduling for busy professionals that travel for work. Emma.ai is used by customers all around the world to add intelligent travel time to their schedules.

Do you want to shape the future of meetings with us?

Join our team that loves to create great experiences for our customers

Do you want to shape the future of meetings with us?

Join our team that loves to create great experiences for our customers

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