Every second counts

Meetings should always be great
Out mission it to automate every possible part of meetings
Our Vision

Outstanding meetings for all

Meetings are essential. Meetings steer organizations. Teams that have outstanding meetings perform better than the rest.

We spend years of our lives in meetings but 1 in 3 are reported as a "waste of time" as there are chronically disorganised, costly and frustrating. This is valuable time that could be spent more wisely.

Our motivation is to bring the meeting utopia to life. That's the perfect meeting experience where we cut out every unnecessary second and ensure that every meeting is efficient with clear actions and decisions.

Eric.ai uses automation and artificial intelligence to transform meetings into an outstanding experience for all. Join us on our mission.

Our Benefits

What makes Eric special?

More than just recordings and notes

A system for your meetings

Improves the full meeting experience - before, during and after every meeting

Live meeting support

Eric is more than just a transcription of your meeting. Eric joins you in real-time to help you during your meeting

Automate it all

We are focused on delivering the most productive meeting possible, automating every repetitive task