Automate Meeting Minutes takes the pain and stress out of meetings so you can get things done faster
Plan, transcribe, facilitate, summarize, search, and share your meetings with ease
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How it works

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Why use Eric?

Eric turns bad meetings into good ones

Your team spends a lot of time in meetings, but most meetings are unnecessarily time-consuming, disorganised and expensive.

Bad meetings

  • Over run and waste time
  • Vague outcomes that get missed
  • Exclude important viewpoints
  • Don’t have an agenda
  • Distracted by taking notes
  • Not documented and info gets lost
  • Outcomes are not shared effectively

Good meetings

  • Run to schedule
  • Have clear actionable outcomes
  • Engage all participants
  • Have a clear agenda
  • Give everyone focus
  • Are documented
  • Outcomes are shared properly

How much are meetings costing you?

Quickly find out now with our meeting cost calculators

Effective teams use Eric to increase their performance

Take notes automatically

Capture key decisions and actions while being fully present in meetings. Improve focus and lower errors by reducing the need for note taking

Meet less. Do more.

Save time by sharing automatic meeting summaries. Catch up quickly with automatically shortened "Quick View" meeting recordings

Search all past meetings

Find what was said, to retain & share key insights. Eric records any meeting you choose so you can never lose important insights from past meetings

Keep on task and on time

Use time-boxed agenda items, real-time participation tracking and real-time next meeting scheduling to stay on track
Our Benefits

What makes Eric special?

More than just recordings and notes

A system for your meetings

Improves the full meeting experience - before, during and after every meeting

Live meeting support

Eric is more than just a transcription of your meeting. Eric joins you in real-time to help you during your meeting

Automate it all

We are focused on delivering the most productive meeting possible, automating every repetitive task
Integrations integrates with your favorite software

Connect your virtual and hybrid meetings to popular applications to maximize you and your team’s productivity and cut out unnecessary meeting admin time
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Safe and secure

We’re serious about privacy and security

An enterprise-grade software solution that complies with the highest security standards

Securely integrated with Microsoft Teams and certified by Microsoft

Data is encrypted and fully compliant with GDPR/CCPA requirements

System access protected with multi-factor-authentication methods

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