Sep 2022 Update: Auto-joining and powered up meeting minutes

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Sep 2022 Update: Auto-joining and powered up meeting minutes

2.6.0 Update - September 2022

What's new?

New product updates and major fixes will now will be published more frequently to keep our growing user base up-to-date on new features. can now auto-join meetings in your calendar

You can now subscribe to your calendar so you can invite Eric to your meetings much more easily. Eric will automatically join all the upcoming events that you organise in your calendar.

All improved meeting minutes

Your automatic meeting minutes are now editable and centralised by The meeting minutes include information about attendees, agenda items and the conversation. This information is now editable, with version history, and easier to share with your colleagues than ever before.

Other improvements

  • The tab for Microsoft Teams is now automatically added when you invite to your meeting in Microsoft Teams, giving you easier access to the meeting sidebar
  • Setting up an account for a new user is now quicker and simpler, with less steps and easier-to-follow instructions
  • Lots of bugs fixed - thank you to all of our existing users for your feedback and support

What's next?

We are on a mission to eliminate every unnecessary second that you and your team spends on meetings. Are there any features you would like to see to improve your meeting productivity? Please contact us.

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