Privacy & Security

We take privacy and security very seriously

Enterprise-level privacy and security to protect your business

What data is being collected?

The data collected is the personal information you disclose to use along with analytical data to support and shape

For product services and features: We collect email addresses, meeting audio(including active speaker) and video, meeting attendee email addresses, meeting attendee display names and other similar information.

For analytical activity we collect logins, session duration, interaction with platform (features),  name, email, IP address and location details

How and where is my meeting data being stored?

You’re in safe hands. The data being collected is audio,  and the transcriptions from the audio data.

Data is stored using accredited hosting providers, Microsoft Azure and AWS.
When you add into your Teams organisation as a Microsoft Media Bot you are allowing Eric to record the audio and video to all meetings you have asked to join. It is the Media Bot that stores the audio and video content within Microsoft Azure securely.

This is where your data journey ends. It is all stored and accessible for the lifetime of your active account within AWS.

Meetings can be full of private and confidential information, who has access to the data?

As a registered user and therefore the organiser of the meeting, you are in control of when will join your meeting and who can and cannot access your meeting outcome data through our share information feature.

We use a third party service to transcribe your audio outcomes.

Internally we govern data access by roles and responsibilities therefore limiting the exposure of identifiable data on a role based approach

What measures are taken to protect unauthorised access to keep data secure?

We aim to protect your personal information through a system of organisational and technical security measures.

As a Microsoft partner, we must comply with high data and security requirements and Microsoft Azure protects customer data.

Eric requires two-factor authentication for increased security when accessing the application.

How is my data being used and analysed?

We process your information for purposes based on legitimate business interests such as data analysis, identifying usage trends and informing improvements we can make to our services.

Your information is used to ensure our contract with you is fulfilled. We use your information in compliance with our legal obligations and/or your consent.

Our data usage and analysis comply with GDPR.

Do you retain data?

We may retain some information to prevent fraud, troubleshoot problems, assist with any investigations, enforce our Terms of Use and/or comply with applicable legal requirements.

The data we may retain includes non identifiable transcription data for the purpose of training our Algorithms to further enhance your user experience

What data is deleted and when?

All your data is deleted when you have deleted your Eric account.

What is your data policy?

We have the following policies:

You can access the links to read in more detail.