Meet the Founder of Dr Aaron Mason

The founder of the product tells us what sparked the idea for

“The need for better online meetings is growing. We’re having more virtual meetings now we’re living in Covid times. Eric can help make these meetings more manageable. ”

My story

The ‘aha’ moment for came after having a string of meetings with no outcomes or agendas. I wanted to create a product that helped mine and other people’s meetings be effective and to reduce the administrative burden that meetings have. 

I founded the software company Combine AI to build products that combine the power of human intelligence with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve business processes and productivity. We seek to ‘automate the automatable’.

Combine AI is part of my journey as an entrepreneur. I’ve already exited two successful businesses and love to create AI products and through Combine AI we can build a range of AI assistants to improve business productivity.

Why is relevant now?

Much like the rest of the world in recent years, we were noticing an increase in the number of meetings being held virtually, which has skyrocketed due to Covid-19. Findings from a survey of 33 people that we conducted for in May 2020, found that the respondents reported that the occurrence of more than five online meetings a week has gone from 24% pre-covid to 85% during lockdown.

Thanks to applications such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Whereby, Skype and several others, online meetings were becoming a force to be reckoned with for business meetings as a viable alternative to travelling to meetings, and it has become an increasingly valuable tool for several businesses to continue to operate. 

What are the benefits of using

As well as the many benefits that this form of meeting offered, the increased reliance on online meetings also brought to light their limitations. I have personally found that meeting administration, lack of meeting agendas and minimal follow up processes left the prospect of an online meeting a frustrating and often unproductive task and sought to deliver a solution. It was through this that was created. We are taking a user-centred design approach to to make sure that it helps people with a similar challenge. We'll be writing more about this in the future.

What is aiming to achieve? is on a mission to take the headache out of meeting administration, and save businesses time and money in ensuring they are generally more productive.

How does it do this? becomes your eyes and ears during online meetings, automatically taking care of the more mundane tasks such as note-taking and agenda management, so that you can fully immerse yourself in the discussion at hand. then automatically provides you with an actionable summary at the end of the meeting, ensuring everyone knows how agenda issues were left, and with whom responsibility lies for certain tasks. 

How does work?

Team members who are unable to make meetings can benefit from recordings of the meeting and also meeting snapshots, whereby automatically summarises the key points into small, condensed chunks which are more easily understood. This allows all team members to efficiently catch up on the points discussed during the meeting, and they will have been automatically assigned any follow up tasks that they need to action.

Inviting to your online meetings will allow attendees to be fully present and able to immerse themselves in the topics at hand, knowing that is automatically taking notes, summarising key action points, and ensuring that everyone is getting the most use out of the time.

How can you sign up?

We’re so excited to be launching the beta product in Winter 2020 - exact date to be revealed soon - and you can still sign up to take part as a beta tester here.

We hope you’ll join us on our mission to increase productivity and efficiency, and that you’ll invite to your online meeting in the future. 

Founder + CEO of Combine AI, the software company behind